To celebrate the bicentenary of the construction of the first locomotive in Leeds in 1812 this site is dedicated to the continual history and research into the many engineering firms that were based in the city. Leeds is proud to have built more railway engines than any other place in England.

Many of the Leeds builders manufactured a variety of products including steam road locomotives, machine tools and a varied selection of other ancillary products.

We would like to express our gratitude to the many friends that have assisted in this epic task from the Middleton Railway, Leeds and District Traction Engine Club and others.

Many of the engineering names may not be familiar to you but quite a few of these brand identities are held by the current Hunslet Engine Company who have a facility in the city.

How many would have thought that after Hunslet built the last steam engine in 1971 (3902) that they would build a few more with the distinctive oval works plates in the 21st centaury.

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