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Builder Products Notes
D Dübs Rail

This later became part of North British in Glasgow. 
Works History

Day Day- Leeds Road

Job Day & Sons Ltd; produced a cycle-car between 1912 and 1924. 
Works History

DeW De Winton Rail
Machine Tools
Other Items

Based in Caernarfon this firm built a few vertical boilered locos mainly for the slate industry. 
Works History

Dod Dodd's Rail

Rotherham based manufacturer of a few railway locomotives. 
Works History

Doug Dougill's Engineering Road

Dougill's Engineering built the Loidis between 1898 and 1904. They also built cars and commercial vehicles under the Frick name. 
Works History

EEDK English Electric (Preston) Rail

English Electric (Preston) previously Dick Kerr built a few items as sub-contractors for Leeds. 
Works History

GD George Depledge Machine Tools

Made a few tools 
Works History

HD Hathorn Davey Other Items

This firm built large numbers of stationary engines primarily for pumping purposes in the former Sun Foundry on Dewsbury Road Leeds. They became part of Sulzer Pumps and moved to Manor Mill Lane. 
Works History

HUD Robert Hudson Rail
Other Items

Most of Hudsons locomotive orders were subcontracted to Hunslet, Hudswell or outside Leeds though they produced some locomotives in house in their Gildersome Foundry. The bulk of their manufacturing business was supplying light railway equipment, track, wagons, etc.

Some items were bought second hand (quite a lot after the first war), sold onto new homes or hired out and these were not necessarily built in Leeds. 
Works History

MID Middleton Brothers Crane

Pudsey based crane and steelwork manufacturer 
Works History

Rodl Rodley Road

In 1953 Henry Brown designed and had built a micro car in Rodley, a forerunner to Hunslet's Scootacar 
Works History

TandF Thomas and Foster Machine Tools

Heavy machine maker 
Works History