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Builder Products Notes
Bfth William Balmforth / Balmforth Bros Rail

The Balmforth family were partners with the Smiths and Booths that went on to form the famous Rodley crane makers. After these partnerships broke up William Balmforth formed the Peel Ings Foundry. The works produced steam cranes, though not to the extent their former partners enjoyed. A small number of locos were also produce before the firm crashed in 1916 
Works History
1 survivor out of 6 records, 16.67% survive

FC Fenton and Craven Rail

The Railway Foundry in Hunslet saw a few changes of partnerships in the 1840s and 1850s. For a short time James Fenton (son of the James Fenton of the Round Foundry) and John Chester Craven were in charge while Edward Brown Wilson was absent 
Works History
0 survivors out of 17 records, 0% survive

FMJ Fenton, Murray and Jackson Rail
Other Items

Under this partnership steam locomotive manufacture returned to the Round Foundry. Locomotives were built for many early railways, the works built a number of the Great Western Firefly class including the first locomotive to haul Queen Victoria and the locomotive chosen for the gauge trials 
Works History
0 survivors out of 169 records, 0% survive

FMW Fenton Murray and Wood Rail
Other Items

The Round Foundry was a pioneer not only for Leeds but for the world, producing the first succesful freight locos. They also produced fine stationary engines, experimented with steam ships. The core of their business was supplying machinery to the textile industry. After the death of Murray and Wood the firm became known as Fenton, Murray and Jackson 
Works History
1 survivor out of 38 records, 2.63% survive

JF John Fowler Rail
Other Items

Located in the Steam Plough Works they were pioneers of the agricultural uses for steam power. They went on to apply steam to road haulage, road construction, fairground use and built a number of locomotives. The firm also branched out in to power generation and rope winding engines amongst other things. 
Works History
849 survivors out of 14273 records, 5.95% survive

LFO Leeds Forge Rail
Other Items

The Leeds Forge supplied railway wagons and other items for many years. 
Works History
8 survivors out of 352 records, 2.27% survive

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