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Builder Products Notes
Bfth William Balmforth / Balmforth Bros Rail

The Balmforth family were partners with the Smiths and Booths that went on to form the famous Rodley crane makers. After these partnerships broke up William Balmforth formed the Peel Ings Foundry. The works produced steam cranes, though not to the extent their former partners enjoyed. A small number of locos were also produce before the firm crashed in 1916 
Works History
1 survivor out of 6 records, 16.67% survive

HC Hudswell Clarke Rail

For over 100 years Hudswell Clarke's Railway Foundry supplied large numbers of industrial locomotives for use all over the world 
Works History
266 survivors out of 2822 records, 9.43% survive

HE Hunslet Engine Co Rail
Other Items

One of the best known of the Leeds firms having produced many notable designs such as the Austerity 0-6-0STs and the Quarry Hunslets, this company's varied products were supplied all over the world. Parts were also supplied to other builders including gear boxes to BR Swindon for the class 14 0-6-0DH locos. Babcock and Wilcox built a few Hunslet locomotives in Spain under licence. 
Works History
972 survivors out of 7676 records, 12.66% survive

HUD Robert Hudson Rail
Other Items

Most of Hudsons locomotive orders were subcontracted to Hunslet, Hudswell or outside Leeds though they produced some locomotives in house in their Gildersome Foundry. The bulk of their manufacturing business was supplying light railway equipment, track, wagons, etc.

Some items were bought second hand (quite a lot after the first war), sold onto new homes or hired out and these were not necessarily built in Leeds. 
Works History
7 survivors out of 23 records, 30.43% survive

JHM J and H Mclaren Rail
Other Items

Primarily a manufacturer of traction engines, stationary engines and diesel engines this firm also made two or three locomotives based on their traction engine designs. 
Works History
129 survivors out of 1830 records, 7.05% survive

KH Kitson Hewitson Rail

Thompson retired in 1858 from KTH, once again there was a change of name, the company becoming Kitson and Hewitson 
Works History
1 survivor out of 355 records, 0.28% survive

KTH Kitson Thompson Hewitson Rail

This was the name under which the Airedale Foundry operated for around 20 years before the name Kitson & Co was adopted. The two oldest working steam locomotives in the world, India's Express and Fairy Queen were produced in this period 
Works History
2 survivors out of 487 records, 0.41% survive

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