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Builder Products Notes
HAB Hunslet-Barclay Rail

This is the name as later adopted by Andrew Barclay upon merger with Hunslet in Leeds. Many items carry a works number in the normal Hunslet range. 
Works History

HAF Hartley Arnoux and Fanning Rail
Other Items

Later merged into the Kerr Stewart company 
Works History

HL Hawthorn Leslie Rail

Newcastle based company who manufactured a few diesel locos powered by McLaren diesel engines. 

HTC Hunslet Taylor Consolidated Rail

Hunslet's South African partners, over 2000 Hunslet Taylor locomotives were built for the African market in the works set up in Johannesburg by Hunslet personnel. Some work was sent to Leeds, including new boilers for overhauling Garratt locomotives 
Works History

RH Ruston and Hornsby Rail

Built in Lincoln. One engine was rebuilt at Abbey Light Railway in Leeds 
Works History

RSH Robert Stephenson and Hawthorn (Darlington etc) Rail

Though based in the North East there are a couple of links to Leeds engine building. Many of the locomotive orders built at the Round Foundry were subcontracted from Robert Stephenson, a century later Robert Stephenson & Hawthorn built some of Hunslet's Austerity 0-6-0ST's. After Kitson had closed the goodwill was transferred to RSH so when Corby wanted. Some of the early Fowler ploughing engines were built by RSH. 
Works History

SCH Schöma Rail

Christoph Schöttler Maschinenfabrik, Diepholz, Germany rebuilt some of the HE locos used in the construction of the Channel Tunnel as standard gauge shunters. 
Works History

TH Thomas Hill Rail

They rebuilt a few locomotives with new engines and bodies. Later part of RFS. 
Works History