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Builder Products Notes
Berlin Johann Friedrich Krigar Rail

Made a few Blenkinsop type of locos 
Works History

Bi John Bingley Rail
Other Items

John Bingley of 25 Harper Street built one loco for the Sheffield and Rotherham Railway in 1840 as a sub contract for Fenton, Murray and Jackson. Looking at the historic maps the works was situated where the Leeds outside market is today near to the bus station. From the details located in "Directory of Leeds" for the entries until 1870 Bingley made boilers, engines and mill machinery. 
Works History

Fi Fisken Road

A photograph and drawings survive for one engine known to survive until it was scrapped during World War I. 
Works History

GIN Ginetta Road

Ginetta are a manufacturer of sports cars in Garforth district of Leeds. 
Works History

IS Isles Crane

One of the crane makers of Leeds 
Works History

MBIW Monk Bridge Iron Works Other Items

Many components were made here for the loco builders. 
Works History

MID Middleton Brothers Crane

Pudsey based crane and steelwork manufacturer 
Works History

Rice Rice Road

The Korte car was produced by Rice & Co. Ltd of Low Hall Mills, Holbeck between 1903 - 1905 
Works History

Vic Vickers Aviation/Military

During 1986 Barnbow RoF was privatised and bought by Vickers Defence Systems. Vickers constructed a specially-designed new factory at Cross Gates for production of Challenger Tanks 
Works History

Whit Whitaker Bros Crane

One of the smaller makers of cranes in the city of Leeds situated in the Horsforth subburb. 
Works History

Wigan Robert Daglish Rail

Made at least a couple of Blenkinsop locos by arrangement. They may have been built by Haigh Foundry also in Wigan. 
Works History

Win Winson Rail

Made a replica Kerr Stuart Tattoo for Corris 
Works History