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Builder Products Notes
CS Clough, Smith and Company Limited Road

One of the early manufacturers of Trolleybuses to have premises in Leeds. 
Works History

IS Isles Crane

One of the crane makers of Leeds 
Works History

SAP Smith & Parker Crane

Crane builder 
Works History

SBT Smith, Beacock and Tannett Crane
Machine Tools

Manufacturer of machine tools that took over the former Round Foundry, they became part of the Greenwood and Batley Group. 
Works History

Scr Scriven Machine Tools

Made a few tools including rail benders. 
Works History

SH Shepherd Hill & Co Machine Tools

Made a few tools 
Works History

SP Sulzer Pumps Other Items

Having taken over Hathorn Davey and their Sun Foundry on Dewsbury road this firm continue to have a presence in Leeds but at their more modern Manor Mill Lane facility. 
Works History

SR Swillington Rollers

Leeds firm producing small rollers for cricket pitches and sports grounds 
Works History

ST Shepherd and Todd Rail

The Railway Foundry. Some books list many of these as built by Charles Todd. Also see Sun Foundry & TKL. 
Works History

Ster Sterling Engineering Road

Sterling Engineering produced a few cycle-cars powered by a JAP V2 8hp engine 
Works History

TSSR Thomas Smith Crane

One of the crane makers of Leeds producing steam diesel and electric cranes in their works next door to Joseph Booth in Rodley 
Works History

West West Leeds Motor Co Road

Produced Dennell motorcycles from 1906 to 1908 
Works History