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Builder Products Notes
Electro Electromobile Rail

Built some electric locos, based in Otley not to be confused with the company from London with similar name. 
Works History

HTC Hunslet Taylor Consolidated Rail

Hunslet's South African partners, over 2000 Hunslet Taylor locomotives were built for the African market in the works set up in Johannesburg by Hunslet personnel. Some work was sent to Leeds, including new boilers for overhauling Garratt locomotives 
Works History

TAY Taylor Rail

One locomotive in Howrah museum claims to be built by this maker in Leeds and is wrong. Further research has revealed the loco to have been made by Vulcan Foundry 3134/1915 as a 0-6-0CT for the East Bengal Railway as a pair (VF 3133/1915) used at Kanchrapura works. It now carries a spurious Indian Railway 3134 number and is preserved without the crane. 
Works History

TC Thwaites and Carbutt Rail
Other Items

This Bradford firm produced a few locos 
Works History

TH Thomas Hill Rail

They rebuilt a few locomotives with new engines and bodies. Later part of RFS. 
Works History

TVR Taff Vale, West Yard Cardiff Rail

Built a few locos to Kitson design for own use 
Works History