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Builder Products Notes
EBW EB Wilson Rail
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EB Wilson's Railway Foundry produced locomotives for many of the early railway comapnies as well as a number of overseas orders including several important orders for Spain and India. Many of their locomotives were based on the popular Jenny Lind design. The company also experimented with marine engines and road steam. 
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JW Joseph Whitham Road
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The Whitham family engineering business was first established in 1794 by John Whitham. 
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WC Walsh and Clark Road
Other Items

Built a few plough/tractors in Guiseley 1910-1919. Also a few oil engines. 
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West West Leeds Motor Co Road

Produced Dennell motorcycles from 1906 to 1908 
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WM Wilks & Meade Road

Coach and Motor Bus Body Makers established around the early 1940s, after the second world war the firm was taken over by coach operator Wallace Arnold, allowing that firm to overcome post war shortages. Though this meant much of Wilks & Meade's production was for Wallace Arnold, the firm did produce coach and bus bodies for a number of other operators. 
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