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Builder Products Notes
Berry Henry Berry Crane

Mainly a builder of hydraulic machinery at Croydon Works in Hunslet. 
Works History

Bray Bray & Waddington Crane

Built a few cranes in Leeds, 
Works History

CLAY Clayton, Sons and Co Other Items

Clayton, Son & Co Ltd had works on Pepper Road, the Moor End Works off Balm Road and the Dartmouth Works just off Dewsbury Road in the Hunslet area of Leeds. Key products were mill boilers, gas holders, water tanks and pipes, they also produced boilers for Yorkshire Patent Steam Wagon Co, a member of the same group of companies. 
Works History

Day Day- Leeds Road

Job Day & Sons Ltd; produced a cycle-car between 1912 and 1924. 
Works History

TAY Taylor Rail

One locomotive in Howrah museum claims to be built by this maker in Leeds and is wrong. Further research has revealed the loco to have been made by Vulcan Foundry 3134/1915 as a 0-6-0CT for the East Bengal Railway as a pair (VF 3133/1915) used at Kanchrapura works. It now carries a spurious Indian Railway 3134 number and is preserved without the crane. 
Works History

Y Yorkshire Patent Steam Wagon Co Rail
Other Items

This company produced quite distinctive steam lorries with their patented double ended boiler in their works on Pepper Road Hunslet. They dabbled with internal combustion engines and produced specialist bodies for commercial vehicles such as the gully emptiers that featured on some of their own steam wagons. The last steam wagon left the works in 1931 but the Yorkshire Patent Steam Wagon Co name was retained for a further 40 years 
Works History

YE Yorkshire Engine Co Rail

Built some Austerity 0-6-0ST's at the Meadowhall works in Sheffield see Yorkshire Engine Co by Tony Vernon for more details. ISBN 978 0 7524 4530 4 
Works History