Photo Gallery
Image Size (bytes)
Aviation 867166
Bus Makers 2397752
Companies Acquired by Hunslet 4363329
Crane Makers 14833882
E.B.Wilson 1104759
Fenton Murray and Wood 1727916
Greenwood and Batley 1882244
Hudswell Clarke 22880472
Hunslet Engine 35957502
J H McLaren 2251924
John Fowler 29216033
Kitson 2681558
Leeds Forge 354605
Mann 2532056
Manning Wardle 3273463
Misc 515973
Other Manufacturers 4428726
Robert Hudson 3738285
Sun Foundry 1473592
Thomas Green 3144855
tools 1590998
Tram Makers 1228457
Works Plates 2895096
Yorkshire PSWCo 1666527
We rule it map amj 212436

Images remain copyrighted for 70 years after the death of their photographer or owner, making many of our images subject to copyright restrictions. Please check the list of photographic contributors for details of our photographic contributors. Pictures from Hunslet Engine Co and the companies it absorbed are reproduced with permission from the Hunslet Engine Archive

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