Gallery: Bus Makers
Image Size (bytes)
optare bodied bus C507 KBT leeds ml 97720
optare bodied bus C807 KBT leeds ml 94755
optare bodied citypacer minibus D901 MWR dewsbury bus museum ml 80782
optare bodied starrider minibus F369 BUA grimsby ml 104170
optare demonstrator papplewick 2012 kw 92964
optare excell bus S295 RAG hull ml 90901
optare metro decker YJ17FXX york 2017 ml 66294
optare solo midibus MW52 PZE huddersfield ml 91363
optare versa bus PX08 FMV preston ml 94524
optare versa EV YJ14BHE york 2016 ml 78459
replica model t ford railbus as built by roe for dvlr murton lane 2013 kw 0
ret roe works site ml 65910
ret trolleybus bloemfontein 1916 wik 35543
ret trolleybus shanghai 1917 wik 63420
roe 54 seat bus body headingley ml 88588
roe bodied bus EHL 344 leeds ml 97737
roe bodied bus KH 6239 ml 75263
roe bodied bus KPJ 257W leeds bjl 75626
roe bodied bus WAT 652 roe works ml 76084
roe bodied ford railbus dvlr jp 62534
roe bodied leyland atlantean bus JRH 421E hull ml 72570
roe bodied leyland atlantean bus JUM 211V leeds ml 93598
roe bodied leyland olympian bus B505 RWY bradford ml 86794
roe bodied leyland panther LHL164F leeds 2012 (1) kw 76800
roe bodied leyland panther LHL164F middleton railway 2012 (1) kw 77888
roe bodied leyland panther LHL164F middleton railway 2012 (2) kw 91100
roe logo kw 44909
roe optare former offices january 2012 ml 69388
roe optare former works awaiting demolition 2012 ml 68600
roe re-bodied bus EO9177 barrow 2016 rrb 62708
roe trolleybus hull 1964 ml 72895
wilks and meade hilltop works buslingthorpe lane ml 57364
wilks and meade works chadwick street ml 52945

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