Gallery: E.B.Wilson
Image Size (bytes)
E B Wilson and Manning Wardle book cover 88028
EBW 252 at Armley in 2013 AMJ 150747
ebw 4 locos drawing gg 95351
ebw 570 la portena buenos aires 1873 wik 98630
ebw drawing jenny lind 50315
ebw drawing willis road locomotive 35317
ebw gwr 252 as training chassis oxley 1964 cc 52372
ebw oww 240 engine gg 63833
ebw replica jenny lind roorkee india ks 100199
ebw works site (2) sb 57432
ebw works site kw 30451
ebw worksplate kw 48003
ebw570 la portena lucan argentina ibs 90369
ebw607 renfe 030 2013 villanova i la geltru spain (1) kw 68529
ebw607 renfe 030 2013 villanova i la geltru spain (2) kw 67483

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