Gallery: Fenton Murray and Wood
Image Size (bytes)
fmw grave of matthew murray holbeck leeds kw 37247
fmw model blenkinsop rack loco st petersburg kw 54268
fmw newspaper report of blenkinsop loco 86801
fmw painting of middleton blenkinsop loco 143620
fmw stationary a frame kw 48844
fmw works map 39203
fmw works site (1) kw 30445
fmw works site (2) kw 19029
fmw works site (3) kw 27351
fmw works site (4) kw 25819
fmw works site (5) kw 20642
fmw works site (6) kw 21322
fmw works site drawing 68502
fmw works sketch james watt jnr (1) 97495
fmw works sketch james watt jnr (2) 74762
German copy of Blenkinsop loco amj 147402
murray 211162
replica firefly (fmj built some) ah 58393
replica planet (fmj built some) kw 52014
Rothwell library amj 39394
Salamanca bench at Middleton Railway amj 183635
Salamanca in fence at Rothwell library leeds amj 41461
South Leeds Scout badge 190913

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