Gallery: Sun Foundry
Image Size (bytes)
hd 1748 cambridge 2012 kw 88108
hd 1880 advert (gg) 148213
hd 1880 pumping machinery advert (gg) 122139
hd 1964 electric powered pump cambridge 2012 kw 46117
hd 5102 cwm 2019 kw 103091
hd differential valve engine kew kw 41226
hd gauge board cambridge 2012 kw 61459
hd gauge board kew (1) kw 86652
hd gauge board kew (2) kw 84701
hd gauge kew kw 61527
hd steam pumping engine kew (1) kw 83734
hd steam pumping engine kew (2) kw 63540
sun article 215917
sun map 47587
sun natal 57379
sun stationary pump armley mills 162202

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