Gallery: Tank Makers
Image Size (bytes)
comet tank (jf built some) wik 94066
jf cromwell tank pickering 1944 wik 100109
leyland cromwell tank (jf built some) bovington 2020 kw 80242
metro cammell built churchill tank (charles roberts made parts) bovington 2020 83098
mg centaur dozer (jf built some centaur tanks) bovington 2020 kw 83409
nbl matilda mk II tank (jf built some) bovington 2020 kw 84831
rof badge bovington 2020 kw 78445
rof centurion tank bovington 2012 amj 46231
rof centurion tank bovington 2020 kw 79035
rof challenger I tank bovington 2012 amj 61446
rof challenger II tank bovington 2020 kw 78822
rof chieftan mkv tank bovington 2020 kw 101193
rof chieftan tank bovington 2020 kw 87981
rof khalid tank bovington 2020 kw 66189
rof sectioned centurion tank bovington 2020 kw 82231

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