Gallery: Works Plates
Balmforth Bros AH booth ebw worksplate Fowler Leeds Fowler scroll Greenbat oval Greenbat straight Hathorn Davey 1894 Hathorn Davey 1915 Hathorn Davey 1964 HC 1152 HC 1369 HC 1704 HC 402 HC 526 HC D565 HE 364 wp HE 3902 HE 4109 HE 589 HE 901 HE 9349 Hudson Hunslet Hudswell Clarke Mines loco Hudswell Clarke Rodgers amj Hudswell Curved Hudswell Road (LS10) street name Hudswell straight Hunslet (South Africa) Hunslet 555 Hunslet angled Hunslet curved top Hunslet Engine - around the world Hunslet plate for Bahamas Hunslet plates Hunslet straight Isles works plate JF 15649 JF 7871 jf challenger 33 lubrication amj jf challenger 33 worksplate amj JF Magdeburg JHM 1038 jhm colour amj K 5459 MANN 1386 Mann MW 641 Railway Foundry Robert Hudson HE Robert Hudson Royal Ordnance Factory Centurion III supplied by Tate amj TG 206 plate SM TG 441 Todd Kitson Laird Wagonmaster walsh & clarke Yorkshire 1443 DR Yorkshire
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