Gallery: Yorkshire PSWCo
Image Size (bytes)
brcw steam railcar for egypt with yorkshire power bogie gg 77163
y 117 steam lorry and mw 1601 middleton kw 33404
y 1378 gully emptier mw 44216
y 1443 works plate dr 254022
y 174 6 ton steam wagon works photo gg 92461
y 2184 tipper mw 49923
y 5 ton steam wagon works photo gg 140196
y 70 6t steam wagon mw 41336
y 947 grimsby steam bus U4464 (1) sfb 89815
y 947 grimsby steam bus U4464 (2) sfb 83813
y blue plaque kw 58488
y gully emptier 1378 44216
y letterhead mw 30196
y letterhead 30196
y medal mw 7433
y power bogie for brcw railcar gg 118875
y steam lorry and mw1601 matthew murray middleton 33404
y steam lorry middleton 31822
y steam wagon 70 41336
y steam wagon with crane works photo gg 75428
y steam wagon with tipper works photo gg 53873
y tipper 2184 49923
y tmedal 7433
Y trio of model wagons amj 70575
y works site 58488
Yorkshire steam wagon at Moor Road 48492

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