Gallery: tools
Image Size (bytes)
Campbell Hunter radial arm drill amj 136918
Frederick Haithwaite pillar drill amj 74886
George Depledge pillar drill amj 135184
Greenbat own works tools amj 171307
Greenbat planing machine amj 121698
Greenbat shaping machine amj 126413
Joshua Buckton slotting machine amj 143452
Joshua Buckton Tensile Testing Machine amj 112297
scriven drill blaenavon 2012 kw 36345
scriven lathe blaenavon 2012 kw 59336
Shepherd Hill pillar drill amj 151137
smith beacock tannett lathe round foundry leeds kw 83077
Smith Beacock Tannett shaping machine amj 127255
Smith Beacock Tannett wheel lathe amj 111693

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