Ixion HC 0-6-0ST Over the years many of the model manufacturers have produced items that were built in Leeds. Some of these you would need to change the locomotive number so as to represent one from a Leeds batch but others are most definitely Leeds built items.

Some of the items listed might be no longer available or have yet to be produced by the manufacturer.

Below is a selection of items produced, where a manufacturer has changed the livery over the years we only list the model type rather than a long list of items. Older items may be found in model shops or on internet based auction sites. Kits are available from many good shops and often from the maker.

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Scale Manufacturer Description
1/76  5 and 9 EB Wilson 2-2-2 Jenny Lind
1/76  A1 Fowler NG 0-6-0DM
SM32  Accucraft MW 2-6-2T Lynton & Barnstaple
1/43  Agenoria MW 0-6-0ST Warwickshire
1/43  Agenoria Hunslet Austerity 0-6-0ST
1/43  Agenoria Hunslet 0-4-0T
1/43  Agenoria MW 0-4-0CT
1/43  Agenoria HC 0-6-0ST - Hilda
1/43  Agenoria HC 14" 0-4-0ST Nellie
1/43  Agenoria HE 0-6-0T Jazzer
1/43  Agenoria HC 0-6-0T Canal & Sweden Type
1/43  Agenoria MW 0-6-0ST Littleton No 4 & No 5.
1/43  Agenoria MW 0-6-0ST Cleobury
1/43  Agenoria HC 0-4-0ST & Taff Vale Class S
1/43  Agenoria Kitson 0-4-0ST (ex Cardiff Railway Nos 5 & 6 / GWR 1338 & 1339)
1/43  Agenoria LMS/BR Kitson 0F 0-4-0ST
1/43  Agenoria HC 0-6-0T (PLA type).
1/43  Agenoria HC 0-6-0T (later 16 in type).
1/43  Agenoria MW 0-4-0ST "Jubilee 1897"
1/43  Agenoria HC 0-6-0ST. Walton Park
1/43  Agenoria Quarry Hunslet kit
1/43  Agenoria MW GNSR Class Y LNER Z4/5 0-4-2T
1/43  Agenoria Swansea Harbour Trust HC 0-4-0ST loco
1/43  Agenoria Jinty 0-6-0T (Hunslet)
1/43  Agenoria MW 0-6-0ST (contractors type: class L).
1/43  Agenoria HC 0-6-0T. Elizabeth
1/76  Bachmann 0-4-0ST Quarry Hunslet, as built and as preserved
1/76  Bachmann Ashover coach using Hudson bogies
1/32  Bachmann Austerity 0-6-0ST
1/32  Bachmann Jinty 0-6-0T (Hunslet)
1/76  Bachmann Hudson D bogie wagons
1/76  Bachmann LMS "Jinty" 0-6-0T (Hunslet)
1/76  Bachmann LNER D11/2 "Scottish Director" (Kitson)
1/76  Bachmann LB&SCR H1 4-4-2 (built by Kitson)
1/76  Bachmann GCR ROD 2-8-0 (Kitson)
1/76  Bachmann GWR 9400 batch built by HC
1/76, 1/148  Bachmann/Grafar Leeds Forge - RECTANK/Parrot wagon
1/76  Backwoods Miniatures Fowler 0-4-0ST Plantation Loco and tender
1/76  Backwoods Miniatures HC 0-6-0 Diesel - built 1938 for the Colonial Sugar Refineries Co. in Fiji
1/76  Backwoods Miniatures Pentewan Railway MW 0-6-2T "Canopus"
1/76  Backwoods Miniatures Welsh Highland Railway 2-6-2T "Russell"
1/76  Backwoods Miniatures Penrhyn Railway/Festiniog Linda, Blanche, Charles
1/76  Backwoods Miniatures Fowler 0-6-0 Diesel Mechanical - built 1937 for the Colonial Sugar Refineries Co. in Fiji.
1/76, 1/43  Backwoods Miniatures SAR NGG16 (some built by Hunslet Taylor)
1/76  Brian Madge Quarry Hunslets
1/76  Centre Models Hunslet 16" 0-6-0 Saddle Tank
1/43  Chivers HE WD 4-6-0T
1/43  Chivers HE Tralee & Dingle 2-6-0T
1/43  Chivers MW Lynton & Barnstaple 2-6-2T
1/43  Chivers NWNGR Russell
1/50  Corgi Fowler B6 road loco, showmans, crane engine
1/76  CSP HC 0-6-0T
1/76  CSP HC 0-6-0ST - Two were purchased by the grandly named Llanfair & Mynydd Mawr Railway
1/76  CSP MW 0-6-0ST Warwickshire
1/76  CSP HC 0-6-0T Canal & Sweden Type
1/76  CSP Hunslet 0-6-0T Jazzer
1/76  CSP HC/Robert Stephenson 0-6-0ST ex PTR GWR 813
1/76  CSP HC 14in 0-4-0ST
1/76  CSP MW 0-6-0ST Littleton No 4 & No 5
1/76  CSP MW 0-6-0ST Cleobury
1/43  CSP HC 0-4-0ST contractorts
1/76  Dapol 15T Booth's of Rodley crane plastic kit
1/76  Dapol/Hornby Hunslet Austerity 0-6-0ST
1/76  DJ Models Hunslet Austerity 0-6-0ST
1/43  EDM Models Penrhyn HE Linda/Blanche/Charles
1/43  EDM Models MW L&B 2-6-2T
1/76  Five79 Bundaburg Fowler 0-6-2T
1/76  Five79 Fowler 0-4-0T
1/76  Five79 HC 0-6-0 Syndey Loco & Tender
1/76  Five79 HC 0-4-0 Tank Loco. 'Culverin'
1/76  Five79 Hunslet WHR Russell 2-6-2T
1/76  Five79 Hudson Hunslet
1/76  Fourdees Hunslet 0-6-4ST Beddgelert
1/43  Gateneal 0-6-0T MW 1982 GWR 704/Llanelly & Myndd Mawr/Industrial
1/43  Gladiator MW 0-8-0T Katherine
1/43  Gladiator MW 0-8-0ST Katherine
1/43  Gladiator LNER/BR O4/ROD GCR 8K 2-8-0 (Kitson)
1/43  Gladiator LNER/BR D10, D11/1, D11/2 GCR DIRECTOR 4-4-0 (Kitson)
1/43  Gladiator LBSCR/SR H1 4-4-2 (Kitson)
1/43  Gladiator LMS/BR 3F Jinty 0-6-0T (Hunslet)
1/76  Hardy's Hobbies HC 0-4-0ST contractor (open cab)
1/76  Hardy's Hobbies MW 0-4-0ST H class
1/76  Hardy's Hobbies HC 1800 0-6-0T
1/76  Hardy's Hobbies HC style 0-6-0T
1/76, 1/43  Heljan Hunslet 0-6-0DH BR class 05
1/76  Heljan MW 2-6-2T Lynton & Barnstaple
1/76  Impetus MW I 0-4-0ST
1/76  Impetus HE 15" 0-6-0ST
1/76  Impetus MW K 0-6-0ST
1/76  Impetus Fowler 4220xxx
1/76  Impetus Hunslet 0-6-0DM LMS 7401
1/43  Ixion Fowler 70hp 0-4-0DM similar to 19451/1931
1/43  Ixion HC 0-6-0ST similar to w/n 299
1/43  Ixion The Coffee Pot based upon Kitson 4356/1905 as Pichi Richi Railway
1/43  Ixion MW H 0-4-0ST
1/13.7  James Hilton Hudson Hunslet
1/76  James Hilton Hunslet Waggonmaster kit
1/32  John Dale MW 0-6-0ST L
1/76  Judith Edge Hunslet 0-8-0DH 80T 776hp
1/76  Judith Edge 0-6-0DM 150hp Hunslet as preserved at Middleton
1/76  Judith Edge 0-6-0DM 204hp MD&HB 32
1/76  Judith Edge Hunslet 16" 0-6-0ST
1/76  Judith Edge Hunslet 562hp 75T 0-6-0DE
1/76  Judith Edge Consett A class Kitson 0-6-0PT
1/76  Judith Edge Hunslet 14" 0-6-0 Saddle Tank
1/76  Judith Edge LMS Kitson 0F 0-4-0ST
1/76  Judith Edge Hunslet 15" 0-6-0 Saddle Tank
1/76, 1/43, 1/100  Judith Edge Hunslet 403 hp 0-6-0DH
1/76  Judith Edge Hunslet BR 05 and industrial variants
1/76  Judith Edge Hunslet 325hp 50T 0-6-0DH
1/76  Judith Edge Fowlker 150hp 0-4-0DM
1/76  Judith Edge Hunslet 0-4-0DH 230 HP Diesel Shunter
1/43  Langley Fowler VF tracked tractor
1/76  Langley Fowler 6 furrow balance plough
1/76  Langley Hunslet 2-6-2T Sierra Leone
1/76  Langley Fowler BB1 ploughing engine - diesel conversion
1/76  Langley Fowler BB1 ploughing engine
1/76  Langley Fowler Gyrotiller 170hp
1/76  Langley WWI Hunslet 4-6-0T
LGB Kitson-Meyer Girardot Railway 2-6+6-2T similar to K 5400
1/76, 1/43  Mercian Hunslet 48150 0-6-0ST
1/76, 1/43  Mercian HC 0-6-0DM c1955
1/32  Mercian MW 0-6-0ST L
1/32  Mercian Hunslet Austerity 0-6-0ST
1/43  Mercian Hunslet Quarry 0-4-0ST
1/76, 1/43  Mercian HC 0-6-0DM [D2500-09]
1/76, 1/43  Mercian Hunslet Austerity 0-6-0ST
1/76, 1/43  Mercian Hunslet 50550 0-6-0ST
1/76, 1/43  Mercian HC 0-6-0DM D2510-19
1/76  Meridian Models Leek & Manifold Rly Kitson 2-6-4T
1:43  Minerva MW 0-6-0ST K
1/76, 1/148  Newman Miniatures (Shapeways) Steam tram - similar to Kitson
1/148  Newman Miniatures (Shapeways) HE Sweet Pea 4wDM
1/76, 1/148  Newman Miniatures (Shapeways) Kitson "Lion"
1/43  Nonneminstre Models Hudson-Hunslet 20hp 4wDM
1/43  Nonneminstre Models Greenwood & Batley 6-Ton Battery-Electric
1/76  Nonneminstre Models Fowler 'Resilient' 4wDM "Peldon"
1/76  Oxford Diecast Fowler roller
1/76  Oxford Diecast Fowler BB1 ploughing engine
1/76  Oxford Diecast Fowler B6 traction engine
1/76  Oxford Diecast Fowler plough
1/76  Parkside Dundas Hunslet 2-6-2T Sieria Leone as at Welshpool
1/76  Parkside Dundas FR Hunslet Linda/Blanche/Charles
1/76  Parkside Dundas Hudson NG Wagons
1/148  Parkwood Models Resin body for HC 0-6-0DM similar to BR D2511
1/43  PECO Quarry Hunslet kit
1/76  Peter K MW 0-6-0ST K
SM32, 7/8  Pline Fowler resilient 4wDM
SM32  PLIne Fowler resilient 0-4-0DM
1/32, 1/43, 1/76, 1/87, 1/100, 1/148  Recreation21 (3D print) Spurn Head Rly HC railcar
1/32, 1/43, 1/64, 1/76, 1/87, 1/100, 1/148  Recreation21 (3D print) MW 0-6-0ST L
1/32, 1/43, 1/76, 1/87, 1/100, 1/148  Recreation21 (3D print) Derwent Valley Rly Ford railcar body by C H Roe
1/148  ReveloutioN Hunslet 0-6-0DH
SM32  Roundhouse Hunslet 0-4-0ST Linda, Blanche, Charles live steam
SM32  Roundhouse Kitson Leek and Manifold 2-6-4T live steam
SM32  Roundhouse HE Russell WHR live steam
SM32  Roundhouse Fowler 0-6-2 tender loco live steam
SM32  Roundhouse Hunslet 0-6-4ST "Beddgelert" live steam
1/76  RT Models Shotton Steel Works HC Badger 0-6-0 Diesel Loco
1/76  RT Models MW 0-6-0ST Old I
1/76  RT Models MW Class K 0-6-0ST
1/148  RT Models Hudson tipper wagon kit, etch only
1/76, 1/43  RT Models Standard gauge Hudson V tipper wagon
1/43  S&D Models MW 0-6-0ST Old I
1/43  S&D Models MW 0-6-0ST K
1/76  Scalecast Greens DRM Mk1 diesel roller
1/76  Silverfox NIR 101 (DL) Hunslet Bo-Bo
1/76  Silverfox BR 05 (Hunslet)
1/76  Silverfox Hunslet 0-4-0DM kit
1/43  Slaters Plastikard MW K 0-6-0ST
1/43  Slaters Plastikard Leek & Manifold 2-6-4T (Kitson)
1/43  Slaters Plastikard MW F 0-4-0ST
1/43  Slimrails Hunslet WWI 4-6-0T
1/43  Slimrails Tralee & Dingle 2-6-0T Hunslet
1/43, 1/76, 1/148  Small Loco Works (Shapeways) EBW Jenny Lind
1/120  Triang LMS "Jinty" 0-6-0T (Hunslet)
1/76  Triang/Hornby LMS "Jinty" 0-6-0T (Hunslet)
1/43  Unit Models Battery electric loco similar to Greenbat
Unk  Unknown KTH 2-2-2WT Fairy Queen - produced and sold through the NRM in New Delhi
1/76  Unknown Southwold Railway Manning Wardle 0-6-2t 'Wenhaston'
Gauge 3 1/2":1'  Williams Models MW 0-6-0ST L
1/43  Wrightlines Fowler Marshall 0-4-0DM Fowler Marshall
Unk  Yesteryear Yorkshire steam waggon
Unk  Yesteryear Fowler steam waggon

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