Over the years many of the model manufacturers have produced items that were built in Leeds. Some of these you would need to change the locomotive number so as to represent one from a Leeds batch but others are most definitely Leeds built items.

Some of the items listed might be no longer available or have yet to be produced by the manufacturer.

Below is a selection of items produced, where a manufacturer has changed the livery over the years we only list the model type rather than a long list of items. Older items may be found in model shops or on internet based auction sites. Kits are available from many good shops and often from the maker.

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Scale Manufacturer Description
SM32  Accucraft Manning Wardle 2-6-2T Lynton & Barnstaple
SM32  Binnie Hudson V tipper
SM32  IP Engineering Hudson Hunslet 4wDM
SM32  IP Engineering Fowler 1886 4wPM loco and railbus
SM32  IP Engineering Hudson Skip Loco
SM32  IP Engineering 4w Leeds Forge open wagon Darjeeling Himalaya Rly
SM32  IP Engineering 4w Leeds Forge luggage wagon Darjeeling Himalaya Rly
SM32, 7/8  Pline Fowler resilient 4wDM
SM32  PS Models Greenbat 4wBE
SM32  Roundhouse Fowler 0-6-2 tender loco live steam
SM32  Roundhouse Hunslet Russell WHR live steam
SM32  Roundhouse Kitson Leek and Manifold 2-6-4T live steam
SM32  Roundhouse Hunslet 0-4-0ST Linda, Blanche, Charles live steam
SM32  Roundhouse Hunslet 0-6-4ST "Beddgelert" live steam
SM32  Yatton Model Engineering Leeds Forge covery bogie van, Leek & Manifold number 3 and many to Barsi Light Rly