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Who's Who

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Some of the key figures in the local engine making industry and some names with local connections who went on to be notable figures around the world.

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Alcock; Edgar d- 1951
Former apprentice at the Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway's Horwich Works and Assistant Works Manager at Beyer, Peacock & Co, Manchester. Applied for and was appointed to the position of Works Manager of the Hunslet Engine Co when Alexander Campbell 3rd advertised the position in 1912.

Alcock; John Frederick
Son of Edgar Alcock, managing director of the Hunslet Engine Co. After gaining a Masters Degree in Science in Cambridge he joined the firm in 1927. Took over Hunslet on the death of his father in 1951.

Alcock; Keith
Middle son of John Frederick Alcock, appointed to Joint Managing Director of Hunslet (Holdings) PLC in 1982

Alcock; Peter
Eldest son of John Frederick Alcock, appointed to Group Chief Executive of Hunslet (Holdings) PLC in 1982