Leeds Engine: People: Who's Who.

Who's Who

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Some of the key figures in the local engine making industry and some names with local connections who went on to be notable figures around the world.

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Fenton; James Jnr b- 1815 d- 1863
Son of the partner in Fenton, Murray & Wood. Became a partner with John Chester Craven in the firm Fenton & Craven at the Railway Foundry in Hunslet. When E.B.Wilson took over the Railway Foundry in 1846 Fenton stayed on as Works Manager.

Fenton; James Snr
Colliery owner and financial partner in Fenton, Murray & Wood.

Fowler; John Jr b- 1826 d- 1864
Former apprentice of Gilkes, Wilson, Hopkins & Co, Darlington. Agricultural steam pioneer and founder of John Fowler & Co, Steam Plough Works.

John Fowler Memorial Lecture (PDF)

Fowler; Robert b- 1825 d- 1888
Brother of John Fowler, took the firm on his death in 1864.

Fowler; Robert Henry b - 1850 d- 1919
Nephew of John Fowler, became chairman of his firm.

Fowler; William b- 1828 d- 9/1905
Brother of John Fowler, became Works Manager.

Fox; Samson b- 1838 d- 1903
Apprentice at Smith, Beacock & Tannett's Victoria Foundry (the former Round Foundry) from 1852. Established Leeds Forge Co in 1874, largely making marine boilers and railway vehicles. With large demand from America he established Fox Solid Pressed Steel Co in Chicago in 1889, moving to a bigger plant in Pittsburg in 1896. This was sold in 1899 and became the Pressed Steel Car Co.

Fry; Albert
Of the Bristol chocolate making family. Formed a partnership in 1850 with John Fowler to develop agricultural steam engines. Fowler left in 1856 to form his own firm.