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Who's Who

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Some of the key figures in the local engine making industry and some names with local connections who went on to be notable figures around the world.

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Jackson; Murray
Son of the partner in Fenton, Murray & Jackson. Became works manager of Eyscher, Wyss & Co in Zurich, Switzerland. Later became chief engineer of the Royal Danube Navigation.

Jackson; Richard
Son in law of Matthew Murray, replaced David Wood at the Round Foundry on his death in 1820 to form Fenton, Murray & Jackson.

Joy; David b- 3/3/1825 d- 14/3/1903
Son of Edward Joy of Leeds Oil Mills, apprentice at the Round Foundry and went on to the Railway Foundry where he quickly progressed to Acting Chief Draftsman and was appointed Chief Draftsman on E.B.Wilson's return to the Railway Foundry in 1846. Designed the Joy Valve gear and Wilson's Jenny Lind class of locomotives. He became locomotive superintendent for a number of railways, most notably the Oxford, Worcester & Wolverhampton Railway (a company that used a number of Wilson locomotives) between 1853 and 1856. He went on to become a consulting engineer and was involved with several projects. He carried out a lot of work on organs blowers, including those fitted in Leeds Town Hall, Crystal Palace and Buckingham Palace. Much of the work on these was undertaken by Carret, Marshall & Co at the Sun Foundry in Leeds.
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