Leeds Engine: People: Who's Who.

Who's Who

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Some of the key figures in the local engine making industry and some names with local connections who went on to be notable figures around the world.

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Shepherd; John b- 26/5/1811
Partner with Charles Todd in the firm Shepherd & Todd at the Railway Foundry in Hunslet.

Smeaton; John b- 8/6/1724 d- 28/10/1792
Born in Austhorpe, Leeds. Trained as a Mathematical Instrument Maker but became a Civil Engineer, works included Eddystone Lighthouse and a number of canals. Worked on a number of mills and mines and designed a number of engines based on the Newcommen principle. Would feature more prominently in this site, however his engines were assembled on site from parts constructed largely at the Carron Ironworks in Scotland.

Smith; David
Early Leeds crane maker in partnership from 1820 with Jeremiah Balmforth. Jeremiah Booth (father of Joseph Booth) joined the partnership between 1833 and 1847. Succeeded by his son Thomas Smith in 1859. Thomas Smith took over the company in 1861.

Smith; Thomas
In 1859 Thomas Smith took his father David Smith's place in the crane making firm he had established with Jeremiah Balmforth in 1820. Soon fell out with partner William Balmforth (son of Jeremiah) and bought out his share of the company. The company then became known as Thomas Smith & Sons.