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Locos in Film

You might have seen the IMDB movie website that lists actors that can be seen in various films and TV series. Similarly IMCDB exists to list motor vehicles used in films. On one forum discussion has been taking place on locos in films and if this results in a similar site we will provide a link so that you can search for Leeds built locos in film. One film reference is Lion in Titfield Thunderbolt. (The content of external websites is beyond our control.)
Click here to see our list of Leeds built film stars.


Many of the books/periodicals listed are purely dedicated to the Leeds Locomotive building industry. Others are listed as there are sections within that give details about products produced within the city of Leeds. If you are interested in finding out how the GPCS works in Austerity tanks see the full description in the English version of La Locomotive a Vapeur.

External Website Links

The content of external websites is beyond our control.

Blenkinsop engines in Prussia

Interesting article about the early locomotives in Germany.

Breakdown Crane Association

For those with an interest in cranes operated by railway companies in the event of a breakdown.

Doncaster locos

A list of all locomotives produced by Doncaster until 1950.

Graces Guide

The leading source of information about industry and manufacturing in Britain from the start of the Industrial Revolution to the present time.

Great Northern Railway Soc

For those interested in the GNR

Heritage Railway Association

HRA has links to many locations where surviving Leeds locos are.

Hunslet Engine Co

The current company that holds and uses this famous name.

Hunstet Remembered

A site dedicated to the Hunslet area of Leeds, it's History and the stories of its people and its places.

Internal Fire museum

A museum dedicated to the internal combustion engine.

International Steam

This site is very useful for researching surviving steam across the world and includes many Leeds built engines in its records.

Lancashire and Yorkshire

List of locomotives produced for this company.


Leeds Library photographic archive

Map of Hunslet

Scottish maps side by side - this is very good way to see how old maps relate to current ones.

Michael Walters

Collection of steam waggons.

Middleton Railway

This is the Worlds Oldest Railway. Operated the first commercial steam locomotive in 1812.

NZR Cranes

New Zealand Railway Cranes including a few pictures of a Whittaker steam shovel.

Peckett locomotives

Wiki page that has a full list of all locomotives produced by this Bristol firm along with the predecessor Fpx Walker.

Pudsey Roller

The Friends of Pudsey Roller are a group of like minded individuals involved in the restoration of a John Fowler roller that used to be on display in Pudsey Park.

Quarry Hunslet locos

A site dedicated to these little engines.

Rail UK

Useful site that can be searched for locos built by many of the other manufacturers.

Scootacar Register

This is the car club devoted to this micro car made by the Hunslet Engine Co.

Steam Plough Club

If you are interested in ploughing by steam this is an interesting site.

Stephenson Locomotive Society

This society has a vast library collection of information for those wishing to do more research.

UK Heritage railway map

Click on the icons to display heritage railways within the UK.

UK vehicle registrations

This is a Wiki page with the list of regional registration codes for road vehicles.

Vulcan Foundry

Extracts of the works list for this company can be viewed on this site. Built a few Austerity tanks.

West winds in Yorkshire


You Tube Channel

This is our own dedicated You Tube channel with a few of our own video clips of Leeds Engines working.

You Tube playlist

A selection of slide shows and videos that are available in a Leeds Engine themed playlist.