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Steam Locos Builders

As a comparison below is a list of many of the companies and railway works in UK who built steam locomotives.
Builder Quantity Location
Andrew Barclay 2,053 Kilmarnock
Armstrong Whitworth 1,455 Newcastle
Avonside Engine 1,960 Bristol
Beyer Peacock 7,761 Gorton
Caledonian 1,000 St Rollox
Caledonian 97 Greemock
Dubs 4,485 Glasgow
GCR 1,006 Gorton
GER 1,702 Stratford
GNR 2,224 Doncaster
GSWR 392 Kilmarnock
GWR 5,964 Swindon
GWR 794 Wolverhampton
Hawthorn Leslie 2,311 Leith
Highland 41 Lochgorm
Hudswell Clarke 1,807 Leeds
Hunslet Engine 2,236 Leeds
John Fowler 300 Leeds
Kerr Stuart 1,500 Stoke on Trent
Kitson 5,405 Leeds
Lancashire & Yorkshire 1,840 Horwich
Lancashire & Yorkshire 522 Miles Platting
LBSCR 1,211 Brighton
LCDR 54 Longhedge
LNWR 7,331 Crewe
London & Birmingham 178 Wolverton
LSWR 815 Nine Elms
LSWR 320 Eastleigh
Manning Wardle 2,004 Leeds
Midland 2,995 Derby
Nasmyth Wilson 1,531 Patricroft
NBR 900 Cowlairs
NBR 39 St Margarets
Neilson Reid 5,864 Glasgow
NER 2,369 Darlington
NER 1,023 Gateshead
North British Locomotive 11,318 Glasgow
North London 163 Bow
NSR 197 Stoke on Trent
Robert Stephenson 4,190 Newcastle
Robert Stephenson & Hawthorn 1,000 Newcastle
SER 790 Ashford
Sharp Stewart 5,088 Manchester later Glasgow
Taff Vale 84 Cardiff
Vulcan Foundry 6,210 Newton-le-Willows
W G Bagnall 1,660 Stafford
William Beardmore 393 Glasgow
Yorkshire Engine 800 Sheffield
Total 105,382  

Builder Timeline

Below is a diagram illustrating the years that each of the main engine builders operated. For details of the builder acronyms used below please see the history page.
Leeds Engine Builders Time Line

Locos Built by Year

Below is a chart showing loco production in Leeds by year based upon the data in the loco list.
Leeds Engine Builders Time Line