Leeds Engine:Today

Leeds Engineering Sites Today

Though the old Leeds engine works are no longer making engines in Leeds, several of the buildings survive in different uses. Below are guides to the sites that can be seen today in the various districts in Leeds where the engine makers once opperated.

Holbeck The Leeds engine making industry began in Holbeck. Much of the Round Foundry site can be seen today and other interesting old buildings are worth a visit.
Hunslet From Todd, Kitson & Laird establishing a works in 1837 much of the local engine making was carried out in the Hunslet area and several sights of the industry can still be seen there today.
Other Sites Around Leeds There are remenants of other works around Leeds including Thomas Green's works to the north of the city centre and the Smiths crane works that formed part of a large crane making industry centered on Rodley.
Blue Plaques Several engineering facilities are now marked with blue plaques.